Updated the DDI Goals

take action invest daily dividend passive cash flow incomeGoals are one of those things that if you don’t write them down *AND* pay attention to them, they are of little value. Looking back over my successes in life, I’ve noticed that when I write my goals down and spend even just a few minutes a day acting on them, or even just thinking about *HOW* I might be able to achieve them, it’s likely I’ll be successful in completing them.

The DDI goals aren’t as specific as I’d like them to be, but it’s a start. I think they should also be more of a stretch, but for now I’m focusing on writing them and achieving them!

The one goal that I’m primarily focused on presently goes to the heart of what the DDI Portfolio is all about, DAILY INCOME.

I track the performance / income of all my investments daily so I always have a good idea about how much income is being produced and when it’s being deposited into my accounts. Looking back over the last couple of months, I noticed that a trend is forming with regards to the DDI income stream. In most weeks, I’m achieving income 4 out of 5 days – while this is great, my goal is 100% daily income throughout the week, month and year. As I wrote about previously, discounting the fact that dividends aren’t paid on weekends or holidays, I wasn’t sure I could really get to 100% daily dividend income. As I dug deeper and found some new tools for dividend investment research, I now believe it, actually I KNOW it’s possible to get dividend income DAILY!

So that’s my current focus – DAILY dividend income. While I was able to achieve 5 out of 5 days of income back on April 28th through May 1st – I’m looking to make that a consistent reality moving forward. Today, I just added shares of CME Group (Ticker: CME) – yield is about 2.4% but they tend to pay “BONUS” dividends which can bring the yield up closer to 5% or higher. I just made the cut-off (x-div June 8th)¬†for the next dividend payout ¬†later this month.

What are your investment GOALS? Add a comment below – I think it’s helpful to see what others are doing to push our own boundaries.