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one man journey finding passive income through dividend paying equity stocksMy name is Neil and I have been an active stock and option investor since 1996.  I started building the Daily Dividend Investor portfolio in mid-2010 because I was determined to build a income stream that would help ride out the stock market swings of the previous few years. Shortly thereafter I decided that it would be a good idea for me to begin writing / blogging about the portfolio in an effort to keep me focused on building and maintaining it on a daily basis. With spending most of my time trading and managing my DDI portfolio I often find it easy to overlook updating the blog, but I’m working towards slowing improving my blog update frequency.

One of my goals with this blog is to share “how” I’m building the portfolio as well as providing monthly updates about the performance of the portfolio from both an income and a capital appreciation perspective. I know from reading the blogs that I follow I get the most information and am most inspired by those who are willing to show how they do what they do as well as the results that follow. I hope that you’ll find what I share here useful and interesting enough to comeback often.

If I have learned one thing in life it is that you can never stop learning and I hope that this blog might provide an opportunity for you to take away something new as well as to give me the chance to increase my knowledge and background in stock investing.

Feel free to drop me a line any time with comments, questions and / or opinions good and bad – I’m definitely interested in what you have to say.



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  1. Hey – good weblog, just looking about some blogs, appears a fairly great platform you’re making use of. I’m currently using WordPress for several of my sites but looking to alter 1 of them over to a platform similar to yours as being a trial run. Anything in particular you would suggest about it?

  2. Hi Neil!

    Glad to see that you liked one of my posts (and your the first one to do besides my girlfriend…)! Though that was some time ago, haven’t been active in my writing for a while. And it’s good to see there are more people out there with a sound view of what investing is really all about.

    I wish you all the luck in your investing and otherwise!

    • Having read your post I’d like to get your thoughts on Claymore Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF Symbol : FIE. It oreffs a return of 7% and a “consistent” monthly cash distribution of $.04 a unit. Do you think the payout is sustainable without adversely effecting the NAV?Or is this product similar to the one you noted today in your email.

      • I’m not familiar with FIE and can’t comment – but feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts on it and I’ll take a closer look. While I’m not opposed to adding foreign stocks to the portfolio (eg. the portfolio holds CHL – China Mobile), I do tend to avoid most of them.

        • Some of the oil and gas trusts are still paiyng off big yields.Harvest (hte.un) is paiyng over 30%.Pennwest, around 20%.Can this last?…….and even if distributions are cut, isnt that a great yield to get for a while?Oil and gas will have to recover and move higher at some point…closer to $ 60 – 80 range.Any thoughts on the oil and gas trusts in general??please post your thoughts.I own Nae oil and gas…dist just cut from 16 cents to 11 cents, didnt seem to hurt the stock price at all!

    • Hey Lucky1! Thanks for dropping by. I use a stock screening service to gather my list of Monthly Dividend Stocks as it allows me to update the list more quickly that searching a bunch of random google searches. I’ve just updated the list for February 2017 -take a look!

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