Holy Crap! DDI Portfolio makes $5000 Gain in one day!

22 percent interest cash flow income passive

So I wasn’t planning on doing another DDI portfolio update so soon, but after logging into my Wells Trade account today and seeing a $5000 GAIN I was blown away. Of course, the gains are great and I hope they continue – but the real question remains, how sustainable is this current market rally? The markets seem to be in love with President Trump, but I’ll be the first to admit, I’m getting a little nervous about a possible LARGE SCALE pullback.

Where do you think this market is headed? Are we going to 25,000 on the DOW or 15,000?

Are you buying, selling? Both? Let me know what you’re adding or removing from your portfolios!

Here’s to your investing success!


    • Thanks for the kind words…it’s nice to see those sorts of gains (~1%) on top of the dividend income.
      Good luck with your buys – I took the opportunity today to trim a few outlying positions and raise a little cash.

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