Dividend Increases For Monday June 4th, 2012 – Electricity & Real Estate

Dividend Increases For Monday June 4th, 2012 – Electricity & Real Estate

add new items daily dividend investorAfter another rough week of declines in the broader markets, we have two companies announcing dividend increases this morning. When I´m looking to add new positions to my income portfolio, the first place I look is at the list of dividend increases for the year. When ever there are dividend increase announcements, I try to provide a brief outline each company as a first step to determine if they warrant further investigation as a possible addition to the DDI portfolio. However, if you miss a day or want to look back at the dividend trends,  just look at my year to date dividend round up here:  2012 Daily Dividend Increases Report.

Two Dividend Increases

El Paso Electric Co. (ticker: EE) – is  a public utility company that engages in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity primarily in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. EE announced a $.03/share dividend increase in it´s quarterly payout – the new yield is ~3.2%

Health Care REIT Preferred J (ticker: HCNpJ) –  is an independent equity real estate investment trust that primarily invests in senior living and health care retirement living older adults daily income passive cashflowproperties. HCN raised the payout on it´s preferred J shares only – not it´s common shares. The new quarterly payout is $.4063/share, which is more than double from the previous amount of $.17153 giving investors a current dividend yield of 6.2%

What Is Your Best Investment Idea?

Equity investors have had a rough road over the last decade or so, but there have still been good opportunities to grow your wealth as well as provide cashflow and income streams if you invested your money wisely. I´d love to hear more about where you are putting your money? What´s your best investment?

Cash? Stocks? Gold? Comic Books? Let me know what you’re thinking.

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Company Ticker Yield New Old Frequency
El Paso Electric EE 3.2% .25 .22 Quarterly
Health Care REIT Pr. J HCNpJ 6.2% .4063 .17153 Quarterly


Investment Considerations- Read Before Investing

As always when evaluating investment opportunities it’s important to keep in mind not only the fundamentals o smart investing ideas daily dividend investor dividendguy considerations  income stream portfolio stocks retiree passive cashflow mutual fundsf the stock itself, but also how the holding entity (Limited Partnership,Royalty TrustMaster Limited PartnershipBusiness Development CompanyPreferred Stock) may affect the way you report income on your annual tax return as well as the amount or percentage of tax  you will be required to pay. Adding shares of any of these special entities to tax deferred / retirement accounts may also present additional issues.

Remember to review all of the fundamentals of any company BEFORE investing – do not simply buy a stock based on the dividend payout. If you have further questions about any stock mentioned her you should first consult with your CPA or tax planner / advisor before making any investments.