Daily Dividend Investor Wishes You A Happy New Year 2012!

Daily Dividend Investor Update

To my loyal Daily Dividend Investor readers: Please note that I have migrated the blog over to a managed server located at: www.dailydividendinvestor.com

I will continue to update this WordPress site with duplicate content for a few weeks – most likely until the new year, but you may want to check in at my new hosted location for all the latest content. I am also using a better – easier to read theme that I hope you’ll enjoy. Thanks for reading and following along and don’t forget to LIKE our Facebook page!



Daily Dividend Investor Wishes You  A Happy New Year 2012!

happy new daily dividends investor year passive income growth 2012 2011I wanted to take just a moment to look back over 2011 – what a great year for the Daily Dividend Investor. It’s been said that whatever you focus your attention on will grow and prosper and that has definitely been the case for the DDI portfolio and blog.

In just the last month alone the DDI portfolio has put over 40 paychecks into my bank account and is on track to finish the month with over $550 in multiple monthly paycheck daily dividend investor passive income stream cash 2012passive income! That’s a 10% increase over my monthly income goal for 2011 and I’m excited to see the growth continue into 2012.

I hope you find value with each update of  the Daily Dividend Investor that I post. I’ve taken a slightly different approach to dividend investing and I’ll be sharing more about my process for building and growing the portfolio throughout the coming months.

There are many people who promote their list of stocks or a newsletter or some investing service – usually they will lure you in with stories of all the money you can make if you just buy their product before you get to see those “hidden gems” that they want you to invest in.

While there’s nothing wrong with selling newsletters or products – I’ve just chosen to take a different path. My goal is to be a transparent with you the reader, as I can by sharing the holdings of my portfolio – you don’t have to buy anything to see what I’ve put in my portfolio.

You’ll see all of the winners and the LOSERS that I’ve invested in.dividend winner daily income investor paycheck deposit positive cash flow 2012

I look forward to continuing to grow the DDI portfolio throughout 2012 and beyond. I have a lot planned for the Daily Dividend Investor blog – besides the normal Dividend increase updates, and the monthly portfolio reports I’m working on a video series where I show anyone how they can build a passive income stream from start to finish….stay tuned!

Thanks again for stopping by – Come back often or give us  “LIKE” on our Facebook page.

I hope that 2012 is the best year ever for you and yours!

Happy New Year 2012!

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